Clairdee has the rhythmic agility and interpretive flair for a wide range of material — able to alternately surprise and amaze listeners with her vocal charm and charisma.”

— Nashville City Paper



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Acclaimed for her inventive artistry and magnetic stage presence, Clairdee's lustrous voice and soulful delivery hearken back to a time when jazz, pop, and rhythm and blues often blended seamlessly together. From Tokyo to Toronto, Moscow to Bangkok, she is one of the most skilled, appealing and exciting singers around — fine songs, beautiful voice, and great moves. 

A recipient of the 2018 Bay Area Jazz & Blues Artist Lifetime Achievement Award, Clairdee is a passionate educator (part-time professor of Jazz Voice at San Francisco Conservatory of Music's Roots, Jazz, and American Music program; mentor and Artist Advisory member of the Bay Area-based nonprofit Jazz in the Neighborhood.